18:44 10-10-2011
Hey there,
really great site. Thanks for your great work.
I´ve found another great Meat Loaf site:
Maybe interesting for the Link list.
See you
17:50 07-05-2010
22:31 28-06-2007
Hey Ankie !!!
THX A LOT for sharing your great work with all of us !!!!!
xx&oo, Judith
22:59 10-08-2006
Hello to Meat Loaf fans. Just an announcement you may be interested in:
Long-time rocker Meat Loaf recently collaborated with artist Mary Ouimette-Kinney to create a seven foot "racecar" guitar sculpture, complete with airbrushed flames, logo, carved fenders, among other features. The "Staypuff" guitar sculpture, which reflects Meat Loaf's passion and the essence of his music, was the third highest-selling sculpture later sold at a charity auction. To view photos of the guitar visit:
Friends of artists Mary and sculptor husband Larry, who watched their progress over four months send them a big thumbs up--Anna, "the Debbies", Fran, Frank, the other Frank, Bru, Lorrie, Bob, Shelly & Dave, Pat, Cheryl, Brenda, the best little "hot rod" suppliers in the northeast, etc...etc...etc...
13:01 30-05-2006
hello can anybody tell me where i can find concerts he is giving
because i do not know where to start
Geantwoord op: 22:17 30-05-2006

Hi Bianca.
Thanks for posting.
No tourdates announced yet. Best thing to do is to keep checking the last news (laatste nieuws) section on the start page, or the websites mentioned here.


16:45 22-05-2006
This site is super and thanks for uploading my Fansite into the link -
MeatLoaf Unofficial

Keep Rockin
09:50 20-05-2006
what a great job you did !!!!!
11:44 02-05-2006
This is great! It's like a pocket map to our Neverland. A guide around our community. I'm picking up this 'map' before I venture out anywhere! Thank you for all your efforts pulling this together.
23:01 01-05-2006
Since we have this many visitors from outside the Netherlands, we prefer that comments are written in english.

Meat Loaf startpagina team.